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Intaglio Equipment (etching, engraving)
Etching presses Hot plates Acid trays and acid systems Exposure equipment Rosin dust boxes Drying racks
Intaglio (etching) materials
Plates for etching and engraving Photosensitive films, Plates and screens Etching inks & Conditioners
"Water based Inks" Akua Intaglio Oil Based Etching Inks and Conditioners (Intaglio) Oil-Based Inks, "emulsified" (can be cleaned with water and soap) Caligo safe Wash, Charbonnel Aqua Wash
Tools for etching and engraving
Roulettes and Moulettes Brayers and rollers Scrapers and Burnishers Burins, Scorpers and Gravers Droge naald Etching needles and lithography needles Ink knives and spatula's Slijpgereedschap en materialen voor beitels en burijnen Handles for burins and gravers Wiegijzers Various tools for intaglio printmaking Tool sets for Intaglio, various manufacturers
Etching blankets Etching grounds and stop-outs Solvents Acids and other mordants Various products for Intaglio (etching)
Lithography equipment Lithography materials
Lithographic Ink and Conditioners Lithographic crayons and pencils Lithographic stones Lithographic plates of aluminum, zinc and synthetic material Tools, brayers, rollers, etc. Abrasives for lithography Lithonaalden - etsnaalden Various materials/supplies for Lithography
Relief printing equipment Relief printing materials
Blockprint inks and conditioners Tools for relief printing Relief printing formes (image carriers) Supplies for typography
Paper making materials Monotype equipment Monotype materials Serigraphy equipment Screenprint materials Paper for Intaglio, lithography, blockprint and monotype Raw materials and chemicals for printing Other materials Books, DVD's about printmaking Used Equipment Non toxic printmaking Distributors Beguin's dictionary Forums (again on line ! , after spam trouble ) OLD books on printmaking