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Electric etching press JPVEV-70, bed size 70 x 140 cm, 28" x 55", variable printing speed

Technical data etching press JPVEV-70
The etching press JPVE-70 has a fixed printing speed,
The etching press JPVEV-70 has a variable printing speed

Bed size

70 x 140cm


Top roller diameter

15 cm


Bed thickness

1,5 cm


Wall thickness rollers

1,8 cm


Press dimensions:

Lower roller diameter

14 cm


- Length (of side frames)

140 cm


Press work height

87 cm


- Width (overall)

120 cm


Thickness of steel side frames

3 cm


- Height

135 cm


Max. clearance between bed and top roller

10 cm


Length of rollers

70 cm


Screw thread of pressure spindles

M 24 (metric)

Press weight

265 kg

583 lbs

Speed motor


Power electric motor

750 Watt

Printing speed

0-10 cm/sec


Power supply converted into 3 phase with variable frequency

230 Volt AC, monophase
120 Volt AC monophase (USA)

Minimum passage required to move the press, gearing, electric control box removed

94 cm


If the press must be shipped on a pallet by road freight in Europe, click on the pallet to the right. The pallet page will open and add this pallet (125x150x150 cm) to your shopping basket

Pallet wrapped in cardboard and plastic foil. Delivery door to door

Pallet weight

325 kg, 715 lbs

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Wooden crate. Delivery until port of destination. CFR. Fumigation cost excl. if applicable

Crate weight

350 kg, 770 lbs

The press comes with several options; casters, a wooden shelf under the press. It is also possible to supply the press with a hydraulic pressure system, which guarantees always an even pressure on both sides of the press. For the American market the press can be fitted with a 120 Volt AC monophase motor.

Transport options:

  • You can come to Leiden, Holland to collect the press.
  • Sometimes it is possible that we bring the press, if it happens to be on a delivery route.
  • Delivery by road freight (DSV) in Europe. In order to calculate an estimation of the total costs, you should here above add an appropriate pallet.
  • Delivery by sea freight (outside Europe) to a port in the country of destination. In order to calculate an estimation of the total costs, you should add here above an appropriate crate.