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Weight: kg

Hot plate VTL-65x100, temperature range 30-110°C (86-230°F)

Technical data

Dimensions aluminium top

65 x 100 cm
26" x 39"


230  V

Thickness aluminium top

5 millimeter

Electric power 

1500 Watt

Height of hotplate

10 cm, 4"


23 kg, 51 lbs

Temperature range


Dimensions packaging

70 x 105 x 15 cm
28" x 41" x 6"

Warm-up time

10 minutes

Weight including packaging

31.5 kg
70 lbs

The temperature of these hot plates is controlled by a thermostat. The top is made of 5 mm thick aluminium plate, to get even heat distribution. The temperature is continuously adjustable between 30-110 ° C. The actual temperature "deviates" around the set temperature. (Max. Deviation approx. 10 ° C) A power cord is included. Connection voltage 230 Volt. The switch is illuminated when the heating plate is on. Asbestos free.

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