Lithography press JL-80, capacity 82 x 114 cm (32" x 45")

Weight: kg

Technical data:


Dimensions of the bed (work top)

82 x 152 cm

32" x 60"

Thickness of the wooden bed

4 cm


Press dimensions:

- Length of the frames

258 cm


- Length (maximum including bed)

297 cm


- Width (total)

132 cm


- Height (with lever up)

219 cm


Length of the roller

84 cm


Diameter of the solid roller

9 cm


Work height

87 cm


Max. stone size

82 x 114 cm

32" x 45"

Max. thickness of the stone

12 cm


Gearing ratio

1 : 4

Screw thread main spindle

M 30

Max. scraper bar length

85 cm



300 kg

660 lbs

Pallet dimensions, press completely assembled , including packaging

120 x 265 x 200 cm

47" x 104" x 79"

Pallet weight, with standard packaging

350 kg

770 lbs

Crate dimensions (with top part taken off)

120 x 265 x 140 cm

47" x 104" x 55"

Weight of the crate

400 kg

880 lbs

The pressure is exerted on the stone by means of a lever in the upper part of the press, through a "knee joint mechanism". The height of the scraper bar can be adjusted and blocked. The bed with the stone is crossed under the stone by turning the crank. The crank can be disconnected when the plateau is pulled back. The press is equipped with a paper support as standard and 1 plastic tympan is included. A 1 mm thick PVC sheet is used as a tympan. (can be lubricated with "ball bearing grease") The bed is made of 4 cm thick glued plywood, waterproof, provided with a "rubber layer" on top. Polymetaal also has a large (changing) supply of lithographic stones.


Delivery and transport:

  • You can pick up the press yourself in Leiden
  • Sometimes it is required that we come ourselves to install the press in your studio. Please ask a quote.
  • Delivery by road freight (DSV) in Europe
  • Delivery by sea freight outside Europe