Charbonnel, rosin dust powder 500 gram #331186

A few days. If not in stock, a delivery time of several weeks is possible
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Carbonnel harspoeder 500 gram in plastic zak
Harspoeder voor aquatint. Het harspoeder dient voor dit doel fijn gemalen te zijn en de deeltjes moeten "droog" zijn, d.w.z. niet plakken.

Graphic Chemical, rosin dust powder, #11920, 1 lb can

Graphic Chemical
A few days. If not in stock, delivery time of several months possible
Weight: kg

Dimensions can

diam. 11 cm,
height 12 cm

diameter 4.3"
height 4.7"


600 grams

1.3 lbs

Is being used in intaglio (aquatint) and lithography.
The residue remaining after the distillation of turpentine, from the gum of southern pine trees (especially trees with longer leaves). Also known as colophonium.