Abig Hand lever block printing press 30,5 x 30,5 cm (12" x 12")

Voorraadartikel, enkele dagen
Weight: kg

Technical data of the 30 x 30 cm Lino-press

Maximum height of the printing forme

3 cm


Top platen size

30,5 x 30,5 cm

12" x 12"

Outside dimensions of the press

46 x 30,5 x 20 cm

18.1" x 12" x 7.9"


7,7 kg

17 lbs

This press can be used for all techniques of relief printing up to a seize A4 . The special designed handle forms a double lever arm mechanism which applies pressure to the plate.
Different thickness of printing plates are possible in various types. Due to the construction of the press it is necessary to adjust the height of the handlever so that it will not touch the round locking shaft in the middle of the press, because this will reduce the maximum possible pressure. When the handlever touches the locking shaft during printing you have to adjust the upper plywood plate, either by using the second set of holes for the locking shaft or with help of inserted boards between the platens (or both)..

User's instructions (when printing lino)

Inking the forme (linoleum)

Lay the printing paper on the inked lino.

Close the press, having verified that the lino and the paper are correctly situated. Press the handlever down firmly. Make sure that the hadkever will not touch the locking shaft. If this happens , make adjustments as explained here above.

Open de press and take out the printed sheet of paper