Charbonnel vernis noir à recouvrir Lamour, (black liquid covering varnish), 1000 ml, #331282

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General information
Thes are applied cold with a paintbrush. Applied to the back and the edges of the plate, they serve to protect thes parts from the bite of the acid. They are extremely resistant. Also very suitable if an engraved plates must be stored away, protect the surface with Lamour protective varnish.

Specific information
Can be used for aquatint as well.

Dimensions, weight:
12x6x20cm , weight 1,1 kg
4.7x2.4x8", weight 2.4 lb

  • Bitumen, essence of turpentine
  • Dry extract: 25%
  • Hardness: hard
  • Finish: gloss opaque
  • Consistency: liquid