User's instructions for the SVP-35 platen press

Above you see a section of a part of the SVP-35 as used as a relief press. The printing forme can be anything; woodcut, letterpress, linocut, cliché, etc. The paper is placed on the inked printing forme. On top a sheet of PVC of about 5 mm thick, and a layer of felt.

Each printing forme has a deviation and is not completely flat. If a printing forme that is not flat is used, this can be seen because certain parts have not been printed correctly. The felt compensates for small deviations in the printing forme. However, this felt should not come into direct contact with the paper because the paper would then be pressed into the lower parts of the printing forme. To prevent this, a layer of PVC has been placed in between. PVC is sufficiently flexible to adapt to the deviations in the flatness of the printing form, but at the same time it prevents the paper from entering the cavities of the printing form.