Etching needles and Lithographic needles

This is a collection needles for several purposes. Often these needles can be used for different techniques, depending on the shape, the strength and the holder. Some uses:

  • As etching needle to draw an image in the etching ground. The strength of the point and holder is not essential. The shape of the point is important, for example oval points can be used to create lines that vary in the width.
  • As lithographic needle. The term lithographic needle is still used a lot, although it is more used for etching. In lithography the lithography needle was used to make corrections on the stone. The point shape is essential hence there are many different point shapes.
  • As "stipple tool" both in the etching ground and in the plate.
  • As "dry point" A line is made directly in the metal (or plastic) creating a burr. This burr will also contain ink, creating the characteristic "velvet" dry point line. For this technique de point and the holder need to be much stronger.