Plastic tray. Volume 26 litres. Outside dimensions 42 cm x 52 cm. (17" x 20") Height 12 cm (5")

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Weight: kg

These trays are universally usable. They are made of smooth, white polypropylene and are resistant to etching acids, iron chloride, copper sulfate and other etchants. Due to the smooth surface, the trays are easy to clean.
The bottom has reinforcing ribs

Outside dimensions

42 x 52 cm

16.5" x 20.5"

Inside dimensions

33 x 43 cm

13" x 17"


11,5 cm



0,8 kg

1,76 lbs

Total content

26 liter

26 litres

Packaging and transport:

  • Plastic trays are fragile. If this tray has to be sent as a package, depending on the size, it must be packed between two hardboard plates.