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Caligo "Safe Wash" Etching ink, Arylide-yellow (Process-yellow), can 250 gram

Arylide Yellow (Process-yellow)

Product Reference

YLC 91779

Light fastness





PY 3 Arylide Yellow (Hansa 10G) Organic Synthetic

  1. Mix the three process colours in varying proportions to create a spectrum of bright colour mixes of your own. You will find you can make a wider range of greens, purples, blues, reds and oranges than you can achieve by mixing a standard blue, red and yellow ink. Use white and black and extender to make an even wider range of tints and shades.
  2. Over printing layers of these inks to create new colours where the transparent coloured layers overlap.
  3. These are ready made for printmakers who need a four colour process set (CMYK) to create colour etchings with multiple plates. For the Black, we recommend you use BKCN1943 Caligo Safe Wash ETCHING Carbon Black BL 24911 el