"Old Stock" Printmaking products


Polymetaal acquired recently some "old stocks" of printmaking products. We do not know the condition of these products, so we will sell then, without any guarantee, at a reduced price, until end of stock.

  • We checked the cans on the outside for leaks and serious damage. We did not open the can to check the inside. If we open the cans, air would come in, which may disturb the content.
  • We checked the Graphic Chemical ink tubes to find out if the content is still usable or not. We took the cap off the tubes and checked the viscosity by inserting a small wooden pin.
  • The Faust ink tubes cannot be tested this way, because the mouth piece is sealed with aluminium. That means that these inks are probably in good condition.
  • Some inks might need some attention, for example by adding a bit of linseed oil. Therefore it is recommended only to buy these inks if you are familiar with handling ink.