Platen press (relief printing) size 80 x 100 cm (31.5" x 39.4"), VPLMR-80x100, hand pump and moveable under platen

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Technical data, Relief Printing Press VPLMR-80x100
Manual hydraulic pump, moveable under platen

Dimensions of the top platen

80 x 100 cm

31.5" x 39"

Dimensions of the bottom platen

85 x 105 cm

33" x 41"

Maximum printing force between the platens

25000 kg

55000 lbs

Maximum opening between the platens

14 cm


Total length

232 cm


Total width

115 cm


Total height

193 cm


Required force on pump lever at maxiumum printing force (25 tonnes)

40 kg

88 lbs

Working height

85 cm



1090 kg

2400 lbs

120 x 240 x 210 cm. For shipping in a crate within Europe and for sea freight outside Europe.

Wooden crate. Door to door by road freight within Europe. Outside Europe with sea freight until port of destination. CFR, excl. possible fumigation.

Weight of the crate, as above

1200 kg

2640 lbs

  • You can pick up the press yourself in Leiden.
  • It is likely that this press must be assembled by Polymetaal in your studio, because of the size and weight. Ask a quote.
  • Shipping by road or sea. Ask a quote.