Vertical etching tank with lid on the tank

Vertical etching tank with lid next to it

Inside dimensions of the tank

84 x 51 x 8 cm

Outside dimensions, including stainless steel frame, exclusive the support frames

92x67x16 cm

Maximum content iron chloride

35 litres

Length of the two support frames (demountable)

30 cm

Weight of the empty tank, excl. stainless steel parts

15 kg

Dimensions of the tank in packaging

100 x 70 x 20 cm

Weight of the etching tank, including stainless steel parts and packaging

18 kg

This tank is made of 1 cm thick polyethylene and is supported by a stainless steel frame. Two footrests are detachably attached to the frame. The stainless steel is resistant to ferric chloride. The frame and footrests can be mounted together without special tools. A vertical tank is an ideal alternative to the horizontal acid trays that are often used in graphic workshops. Compared to a normal acid tank, the vertical etching tank uses 80% less space. Also, the surface area of the etching liquid exposed to the outside air is much less, so that much less evaporation occurs.

The concept was developed by the Danish graphic artist Henrik Boegh. They are actually plastic pallets used in the fish processing industry. The pallet is sawn through the middle to get two vertical tanks. The space between the two walls, especially at the top, is limited. When the tank is filled with ferric chloride, the space becomes larger. However, there is enough space to hang etching plates on the edges.

Packaging; Cardboard box 100 x 70 x 20 cm, weight 18 kg
This parcel can be sent world wide, by carriers like or DPD.