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Toyobo photopolymer plate 0,95 mm 21 x 29,7cm Printight A4 KM95GR, metal backing

KM95GR, This plate is the most popular. Steel backing.
Thickness of photopolymer 0,95 mm
Quantity discount applies.

Due to the fragility of the product, it is sold without any warranty. A return shipment is therefore not accepted by us.

The image above is enlarged side view of the KM95GR photopolymer plate.
The number 95 refers to the thickness of the polymer layer in mm. The other indications indicate the sort of backing and other properties. The total thickness of the plate is 1,2 mm.
The backing is a thin steel sheet. Dan Welden uses this during the wash-out; in the "wash-tray" he mounted a magnetic plate on the bottom. This "fixes" the plate in the tray during wash out.
In the commercial industry it is handy in order to fix it easily round a cylinder.
Each plate is individually packed in black plastic to avoid unwanted light exposure.

For shipping reasons, extra protective packaging is required:hardboard

Discount: 10 pieces 10%, 40 pieces and more 20%
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