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Successor wanted for Polymetaal!

Hugo Bos, the owner of Polymetaal, started building etching presses and other graphic equipment around 1980. After 40 years it is time to look for a successor. Hugo himself wants to work in the company for many years to come, he still enjoys it a lot. Polymetaal therefore does not stop, but will continue to exist for years to come. Interested? ; send an email to info@polymetaal.nl. There is a short video about Polymetaal on Youtube (in Dutch)

We now have "Skylight" photopolymer film in stock.
This as an alternative to:
- ImagOn. Recently the quality has been unstable and sometimes problematic
- DK Film. This film was made in Japan, but the manufacturer stopped making it

We have van Son Rubberbase inks again.
Van Son no longer exists, but our supplier has been willing to make a number of colors from the remaining raw materials. Not all colors are available. The colors that are not available will be replaced by the Epple brand. Epple colors are Pantone colors and the ink is compatible with Van Son.

We now have mechanically pre-rocked copper mezzotint plates in stock

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