Rosin dust box for aquatint SK-80, capacity 80 x 100 cm (31.5" x 39.4")

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Weight: kg

The wooden grid is extendable. This is especially useful for large formats. The plate must be very carefully taken out of the rosin dust box so as not to disturb the pattern of the resin or asphalt particles. See image below.


All dust boxes in the SK series are equipped with a rotating blade. This traditional system is still the best guarantee for an even distribution of the resin powder. This blade is driven on the outside via a crank. With the SK-80 there is a drive with a V-belt at the back so that the blade rotates twice as fast as the crank. This creates more turbulence in the dust box. The wooden grid is extendable. The dust boxes are made of lacquered plywood.


  • The wooden grid is extendable (visible in the photo)
  • The tub in which the blade rotates is made of wood. (no build-up of static electricity with the risk of sparks)
  • The seams of the cabinet are dust-proof.
  • Operator side hatch is small to reduce swirling dust loss.
  • This hatch has an extra wooden edge to reduce dust loss.
  • The space extinguishes the grid is large, so that the powder particles have sufficient "whirl space".
  • The back of the dust box has a removable inspection hatch.
Technical data rosin dust box SK-80

Maximum capacity

80 x 100 cm

31" x 39"

Outside dimensions

90 x 113 x 200 cm

36" x 45" x 79"

The box cannot be taken apart, but the crank, shaft and bearing blocks can be taken off if needed. If these parts are taken off, the minimum required passage way is 90 cm, 36"

Total depth incl. crank

104 cm


Total depth of the box, without crank (will be taken off during transport)

98 cm


Total width

113 cm


Totale height

200 cm



50 kg

110 lbs

The box will be sent on a pallet; road freight and sea freight

Pallet wrapped in cardboard and plastic

Weight of the pallet incl, packaging/pallet

80 kg

176 lbs


  • You can collect the box in Leiden
  • Sometimes we can bring the box to you ourselves
  • In Europe via road freight, outside Euope sea freight