Relief Printing (Blockprint) Ink and Conditioners, Hawthorn, also for Lithography and Etching, oil based

Non skinning range of inks used at many Colleges and Universities for all general printmaking. They are suitable for all types of Relief and Litho printing as well as Etching (add oil or jelly). Ideal for Collagraph/Carborundum printmaking
Full range of colours available including Metallics and Flourescents High pigment strength.
Can be cleaned with Soap and Water or White Spirit. To Clean with Soap and Water:
First remove as much ink as possible with an ink knife or cloth. Then pour a little washing up liquid into the remaining ink and rub in with a cloth, then wipe away with a damp cloth. Medium tack and full bodied.
Use Linseed Reducing oil or Linseed Reducing Jelly to lower the tack and make the inks more runny All colours (except the Fluorescents) are Lightfastness 5 or above. Fluorescent colours have a lightfastness of 1 but nothing else is as bright or clean ideal for posters or a print with impact.