General information about Polymetaal


Polymetaal designs and produces printmaking equipment since 1978.

Our company is located in Leiden (Netherlands). The equipment (such as ; etching presses, hot plates, litho presses, typography presses) is almost completely produced in Leiden. That's why we can give a warranty period of ten years. However, this warranty period only applies to parts or equipment that has been produced by Polymetaal.

Our equipment is sold also by dealers (shops specialized in art supplies) all over the world.

Polymetaal does not have a physical shop. Our main activity is the "factory" in Leiden, where the printmaking equipment is being produced. We have, not so far from Leiden, in Oude Wetering a warehouse full of printmaking supplies. We sell all printmaking supplies as well. You are welcome in our company in Leiden, but we ask you to make an appointment first

The prices on our website are without V.A.T (Value Added Tax). The VAT applies if the goods have to be sent to a country within the European Union. If the goods are sent to another destination, VAT does not apply.