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You will then be taken to the "shipping page". Below is an explanation:

You will then see a number of choices:

1. Select a shipping location, ALSO when you come to collect the goods!

2. No need to select anything: we send you always a quote first.

3. Select how you wish to pay

  • While making your internet order you do NOT pay, but after. We first want to check the order and the stock, before we send you a quote or confirmation. When we make the quotation or confirmation, we like to know how you will pay lateron

Selection from our sales conditions:

  • TRANSPORT COSTS Polymetaal always charges you the actual transport costs. Because we ship worldwide, we cannot include transport costs in the product price. Parcel carriers do their utmost to keep the rates as low as possible.
  • MISSING SHIPMENTS. If a package is missing, we always wait at least 2 weeks before starting a search. If the customer still wants the goods within this period, it will have to be ordered and paid again. If the original order is nevertheless delivered, the customer may return it at his expense.
  • HANDLING COSTS; We always charge 3 Euro handling costs. This makes it possible to accept "small" orders as well.

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