Technical data etching press HPV-60

Plate format (bed size)

60 x 120cm


Diameter upper roller

13 cm


Bed thickness

1 cm


Wall thickness upper roller

1,7 cm


Measurements of the press:

Diameter of lower roller

10 cm


- Length (of side frames)

85 cm


Diameter of star wheel

108 cm


- Width (incl. star wheel)

110 cm


Gearing ratio (double chain)


- Height (without stand)

30 cm


Max. opening between bed and upper roller

5 cm


Length of roller

60 cm


Screw thread of pressure spindles (metric)

M 20

Weight of the press

150 kg

330 lbs

Dimensions of the under frame (optional)



Work height, without under frame

13 cm


Work height of press on stand

90 cm


The plate material; "printing bed":
The plate is made of laminated paper sheets, in liquid resin, pressed under high pressure and temperature. The plate is covered, on both sides, with a white melamine coating. Perfect bed material, compared with a metal bed; does not warp, no oxidation, cheap, safe (=not heavy), very pressure resistant, easy to make marks on the bed.
Top roller driven or bottom roller driven:
Regularly printmakers ask us which drive system is better. There is no difference, the paper does not "feel" the difference while being printed. Some believe that top roller driven is better, some believe bottom roller driven is better. We have both systems available.

Several under frames are possible and also a heavy hand wheel in stead of the standard spoke wheel.

 As in the HP-series the distinguishing feature of the HPV-series is the upper roller drive. In the case of the HPV-series a gear ratio of 1:3,5 ensures a uniform motion during the printing process. Heavy duty double chains that drive the gearing are enshrined by a safety cover on the opposite side of the press as the driving wheel. Easily accessible screws are used to bring in the slack on the drive chains.
If the spindles are loosened, the upper roller is raised by spring pressure. Shims of leather or cardboard can be placed under the pressure spindles to give more flexibility to the press (useful to compensate for irregularities when printing woodcuts or lino).The spokes of the star wheel are made of stainless steel. The upper roller has self lubricating bronze bearings and the lower roller ball bearings. Various stands available. The simplest stand is the HPO-80, just a detachable frame of welded steel tubes. The HPOD-80 stand has two plywood shelves. The HPODW-80 stand has also plywood shelves but is also fitted with casters (double brake).
The press can also be fitted with a heavy round hand wheel, in stead of the standard spoke wheel.

Etching press HPV-80 with a simple stand HPO-80 (HPV-60 pictured)
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Etching press HPV-80 with under frame with 2 shelves HPOD-80
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Etching press HPV-80 with under frame with 2 shelves and 4 casters HPODW-80. (HPV-60 pictured)
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Etching press HPV-80 with under frame HPODW-80.
And a heavy round hand wheel in stead of the standard spoke wheel. (HPV-60 pictured)

Some people prefer the round wheel because os easthetics others because they feel that a spoke wheel can be dangerous. Normally a heavy round is used as a fly wheel, combined with a high gearing ratio. It can be used very well on this press, but don't swing it round fast like a fly wheel. ! Use it as you would use the spoke wheel.

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The under frame HPODW-80 with outside dimensions. The under frames HPO and HPOD have the same outside dimensions