Solvents from Huber

Huber, a German company specializing in chemical materials for the printing industry.


Huber, Bio Wash, cleaning agent for litho inks, based on natural raw materials,. 1 liter bottle

Weight: kg


Use Bio-Wash manually on blankets and ink rollers. Bio Wash does not evaporate. After usage wash down again with water to remove residues. .

Features and Benefits:

  • good solvency power - very economical and thoroughly
  • flash point over 110°C
  • low swelling effect - gentle to rollers and blankets
  • water miscible - removes ink and paper dust in one step
  • based on natural solvents
  • does not evaporate - low odour.

Technical Specifications:

  • Density: 0,91
  • Flash Point: > 110°C
  • Color: light yellow
  • Odour: mild, characteristic
  • Water miscible: Yes
  • Evaporation: No
  • Classification: -
Safety sheet for Huber Bio Wash