The binder used for Charbonnel colours is stand oil. This is po!ymerised linseed oil, i.e. oil which has been heated so as to be thicket: This linseed oil yellows on!y very slight!y with age and is archival.

The more the oil is cooked, the more viscous it will be. This viscosity is measured in poises. A high poise number indicates a high viscosity

Charbonnel colours all contain a 30 poise stand oil (medium viscosity).

Some blacks also contain 200 poise stand oil. These varied viscosities allow different techniques and results: black 55985, for example, will be difficult to wipe due to its high viscosity but will enhance the bards of the dry points. It is ideal for dry point and aquatint. Charbonnel intaglio inks contain no additives (siccatives or wax). This gives them optimal intensity and qualities. Artists can add a siccative if desired for example. It is always easier to add a product than to remove one.