Paper from Arches, BFK-Rives, Johannot, Gué

The history of the "Arches-paper-factory"

Arches description of Mould-made paper.

Velin Arches is a popular mould-made French paper. 100% cotton, two deckle edges. Acid free and calcium carbonate buffered. Slightly warmer and more structure then the BFK-Rives. For all printing techniques, also used as a cover for storing old prints. Internally sized.

BFK rives (Vélin cuve BFK rives) is made by Arches. Less sized then Vélin Arches and whiter. Also the surface is smoother. Acid free and calcium carbonate buffered. Collotype, Drawing, Intaglio, Linocut, Lithography, Monotype, Relief printing and screenprinting. Two natural deckle edges.

It is practically impossible to show the exact paper colour on a computer screen. Therefore, it is recommendable to have a paper sample.