Charbonnel "Oil Based" etching inks and conditioners

Charbonnel offers a complete range of oil based etching inks. All inks have a high pigment content and have, after dilution with transparent lacquer, sill an exellent coverage. Through the use of linseed oil as the binder, the inks are only slighly yellow, and they are extremely resistant to aging. Etching inks contain no additives such as dryers and wax, making the colors very powerful. The range includes 44 colors in 60 ml tubes and 200 ml jars, as well as 29 colors in 400 ml jars. (the cans in 400 ml are available till end of stock, they are no longer made) Some black's and white inks are available in 800 ml cans.

The inks in tubes and pots have the same features, but the inks in the cans are slightly thicker. To make these inks less thick, add some linseed oil. These etching inks are also great for schools and institutions, a very good quality at an affordable price.

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