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On this page you can see the content of your basket and adjust it if necessary.

When you have checked the contents of the basket, click on "next"

You will then be taken to the "shipping page". Below is an explanation:

You will then see a number of choices:

1. Select a shipping location, ALSO when you come to collect the goods!

  • Enter this so that you can see an estimate of the transport costs in the next box if you wish. Under "select parcel, pallet or crate" you normally select ***** Post and Parcels *****

2. Select the Order status or a shipping method

  • "I would like a free quotation with transport costs".
    We determine the most favorable transport method and send you a quote. If you accept this, you must pay (payment terms are stated on the quote). We will then send you the goods.
  • "My order is FINAL and I would like a confirmation including transport"
    This is a purchase agreement and we can start preparing the order for shipping. As soon as we have the order ready for shipment, we will send you a confirmation and the payment terms and we will send the order. A faster method! Very suitable for simple orders.s.
  • "I will pick up the goods". We will then send you a confirmation and payment terms.
  • "Choice of various carriers". This is only intended to get an IMPRESSION of the transportation costs. You don't have to do anything with this. No rights can be derived from it. Polymetaal ultimately determines the best transport method, and will state that in a quote or confirmation. Most goods are sent as a parcel with Track & Trace. Sometimes it is also possible as a letter (cheaper). Click here if you want to know more about shipping by letter

3. Select how you wish to pay

  • While making your internet order you do NOT pay, but after. We first want to check the order and the stock, before we send you a quote or confirmation. When we make the quotation or confirmation, we like to know how you will pay lateron

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