Polymetaal has two locations:

  • The wokshop Leiden. Evertsenstraat 69 C, where all the printmaking equipment is produced. Also the following products are stored there: presses, ferric chloride, nitric acid, etching blankets, and unpolished copper- and zinc plates.
  • The "warehouse" for printmaking materials (paper, tools, books, polished etching plates, lino, wood, inks, etc.etc.). "Everything" for printmaking you can find here. The warehouse is in Oude Wetering. (Along motorway A4, 10 km north of Leiden, near Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport)

On appointment both locations can be visited. The location on Leiden preferably in the afternoon.

To visit location "Oude Wetering" , there are a few options:

  • On appointment, between 10:00 and 12:00 o'clock (except Sunday)
  • On appointment, between 20:00 and 21:00 o'clock (except Sunday)

Hugo Bos (owner Polymetaal) is mostly present at the times her above, but also often away on foreign trips. So do not visit without appointment!!

If you like to visit Polymetaal, send an e-mail to shop@polymetaal.nl including the date you prefer to pay us a visit.
If you like to visit location "Oude Wetering", we will send you the exact address, when we make the appointment.

Goods can be ordered and bought during a visit