Technical data, etching press JSV-60

Bed size

60x120 cm


Diameter of upper roller

12,5 cm


Bed thickness

1 - 1,5 cm

0.4- 0.6"

Wall thickness of upper roller

1,7 cm


Press dimensions

Diameter of lower solid roller

8 cm


- Length (of side frames)

59 cm


Diameter of spoke wheel

95 cm


- Width (incl. spoke wheel)

77 cm


Thickness of solid steel side frames

2 cm


- Height

40 cm


Max. clearance between bed and upper roller

4 cm


Length of rollers

60 cm


Pressure spindles screw thread (metric)

M 16

Weight of the press

110 kg

242 lbs

Dimensions of underframe (optional)


Work height, without underframe

14 cm


Work height with underframe

89 cm


Gearing ratio


The plate material; "printing bed":
The plate is made of laminated paper sheets, in liquid resin, pressed under high pressure and temperature. The plate is covered, on both sides, with a white melamine coating. Perfect bed material, compared with a metal bed; does not warp, no oxidation, cheap, safe (=not heavy), very pressure resistant, easy to make marks on the bed.
Top roller driven or bottom roller driven:
Regularly printmakers ask us which drive system is better. There is no difference, the paper does not "feel" the difference while being printed. Some believe that top roller driven is better, some believe bottom roller driven is better. We have both systems available.

 These presses are, for the most part, identical to the JS-series. The only difference is the drive, the JSV-series have a gearing system with gear wheels on the lower roller. A press with a gearing system always prints more uniformly than a press with a direct drive. The printing speed should always be constant during printing, to avoid an uneven transfer of ink to the paper. The gear-wheels are protected with a steel cover.
The hard synthetic plate runs between adjustable guide strips, mounted on the solid steel frames.
The pressure springs are found under the upper roller. If the spindles are loosened the upper roller is raised by spring pressure. This results in a space appearing between the upper roller and the bed, thus facilitating the sliding of the printing sandwich. This feature makes this press also very suitable for lino and woodcut printing.
The star wheel is secured with a key and can therefore be dismantled.
Shims of leather or card board can be placed under the spindles thus providing more flexibility during printing (useful when printing woodcuts, to compensate a little bit the irregularities in the wood).
Two types of stands are available for these presses; stands with, or stands without casters. The stands can be dismantled and they are manufactured from square piping. The casters can be blocked in both directions. The nylon caster wheels have a diameter of 12,5cm (5") to allow an easy moving of the press.. A wooden shelf in the stand is optional.
The press can also be fitted with a heavy round hand wheel (diam. 94 cm, weight 30 kg), in stead of the standard spoke wheel. The hand wheel is the same as used for the JW and JPV presses.

Etching press JSV-60 with simple under frame JSO-60
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Etching press JSV-60 with under frame on casters (JSOW-60)
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Etching press JS-60 with under frame JSOW-60 with as extra a wooden shelf
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Dimensions of the under frame JSOW-60. The dimensions of the JSO-60 (without casters) are the same. The under frame can be disassembled.
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Etching press JSV-80 with heavy hand wheel. Under frame JSOW-80 (on casters)
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