Litho ink "Van Son Rubber Base" Conditioners. Also applicable for block print.

The Van Son Rubber Base Plus have always been the most used inks for "small-offset" in the world". It is a very economical ink because it remains useable on the press for days, which eliminas the need and time of costly wash ups, and it will not skin in the can. It sets rapidly on uncoated papers for a quick turnaround. Rubber base inks dry by "adsorption", which means it works best on uncoated paper.
There can only be one number 1.
This ink for "small-offset" is easy to work with. Apart from commercial printing purposes, this ink is very popular amongst printmakers, both for lithography and blockprint.


Fuji Antiskin Spray, spuitbus, aerosol, 400 ml

重 量: kg

Sproei een dun laagje over de inkt in de pot. De inkt wordt daardoor afgesloten van de buitenlucht en zal niet verder indrogen.

Hoogte 20 cm

Diameter 7 cm