Lithographic Box LK-35, capacity 35 x 40 cm (14" x 16")

重 量: kg


Technical data:

Maximum stone thickness

10 cm


Maximum stone size

35 x 40 cm

14" x 16"

Dimensions of the press;

- Length

60 cm


- Width

43 cm


- Height

30 cm



23 kg

50 lbs

Dimensions of the packaging

78 x 58 x 46 cm

31" x 23" x 18"

Total weight including packaging

30 kg

66 lbs

The first version of the lithographic box was designed over 200 years ago for the "traveling" lithographer. The prints could then be made in the field. There was of course also a military application: making maps. The LK-35 is technically adapted to this time and has a printing format of a maximum of 35 x 40 cm. The prepared stone is placed in the box and inked. Paper and tympan are applied and the box is closed. The scraper bar is then moved over the stone by turning a crank, making the impression. The box is robust and made of varnished ocumé plywood. The scraper bar height is of course adjustable, depending on the thickness of the stone.

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