Cranfield Caligo Safe-Wash hoogdruk-inkt

 Caligo Safe Wash Relief Inks are water-soluble, oil-based inks suitable for all relief printing techniques: woodcut, wood engraving, linocut, letterpress and also for printing with photopolymer plates. etc. The oil base makes them identical in handling and printing with traditional letterpress inks.

These Caligo Safe Wash Relief Inks are extremely lighfast and easily mixable. They have a high pigment content (12 of the shades are based on a single pigment). The intensity and transparency of Caligo Safe Wash Relief Inks can be modified by the addition of Caligo Safe Wash Transparent Extender. To dilute these inks a small amount of Caligo Safe Wash Oil can be added. You can reduce the drying time by adding traditional driers. The inks can be washed away with soap and water, the use of harmful sovents is unnecessary.