Technical data etching press JPVEV-90
The etching press JPVE-90 has a fixed printing speed,
The etching press JPVEV-90 has a variable printing speed

Bed size

90 x 180cm


Top roller diameter

15 cm


Bed thickness

1,5 cm


Wall thickness rollers

1,8 cm


Press dimensions:

Lower roller diameter

14 cm


- Length (of side frames)

140 cm


Press work height

87 cm


- Width (overall)

140 cm


Thickness of steel side frames

3 cm


- Height

135 cm


Max. clearance between bed and top roller

10 cm


Length of rollers

90 cm


Screw thread of pressure spindles

M 24 (metric)

Press weight

375 kg

825 lbs

Speed motor


Power electric motor

750 Watt

Printing speed

0-10 cm/sec


Power supply converted into 3 phase with variable frequency

230 Volt AC, monophase
120 Volt AC monophase (USA)

Minimum passage required to move the press, gearing, electric control box removed

114 cm


The press comes with several options; casters and a wooden shelf under the press. For the American market the press can be equipped with a 120 Volt AC single phase motor. The press can also be equipped with a hydraulic pressure system. This allows to set pressure on the press by means of a hand pump. This system makes it easy to set pressure, the pressure is guraranteed the same on both sides of the press and the pressure can be read on a gauge.
A rotating blanket system is another option. (standard with 3 mm thick pressed felt)

Like all of our intaglio presses the upper roller is spring mounted making it suitable for relief printing. Shims of leather or cardboard can be placed under the spindles, thus providing more flexibility during printing. The hard synthetic bed plate runs, without play, between adjustable right angled guide strips which are mounted to the side frames. Delivery; We prefer to ship this press assembled, even if this means disassembling it to facilitate delivery.

This press has the following features;

  • driven by electric motor, variable speed, 0,75 kW.
  • control panel included left, right, stop button.
  • electronic safety-system on top roller, operated by lightsensors. Light beam interruption shuts off motor. (prevents entering of fingers between cilinder and bed).
    A protection system is required by law, under CE regulations. This electronic protection system complies to CE standards.
  • motor automatically shuts off at both ends of bed

Description of several options:

The JPVEV-90 press can be fitted with casters. The image shows a bigger press on casters; the JZM-150.
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The JPVEV-90 can be fitted with a wooden shelf. This creates storage place for paper, under the press. The image shows an etching press JW-100 with a wooden shelf.
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The JPVEV-90 can be fitted with a hydraulic pressure system. The image shows the hydraulic pressure system of a JWEVH-120 press.

The hydraulic system is the best system to realize:

  • Pressure setting is very easy
  • Guaranteed the same pressure on both sides of the press.
  • The pressure can be read on a gauge. That makes it very easy to duplicate the parameters like speed and pressure.

This system is much more accurate than reading the position of the pressure spindles. The position of spindles is just an indication of the pressure. This system tells you exactly what the system pressure is.

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The image shows the JZE-100 press with a rotating blanket system. The JPVEV-90 press can be fitted with the same system. A rotating blanket system makes printing easier, especially with large sheets of paper and if there is only one person operating the press. But it allows only one layer of felt. For normal etching that is fine, but if there is a lot of relief in plates this system is less suitable.

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