Various Graphic Chemical products for lithography


Graphic Chemical Senefelder liquid asphaltum - Washable tincture #12040P 0,5 ltr. 1 pint, 0,57 litre

Graphic Chemical
重 量: kg

Dimensions can

10x16x4,5cm, (4"x6.3"x1.8")


500 gr 1.2 lbs


1 pint (0,57 liter)

Remarks: This can be dangerous to your health! If swallowed, induce vomiting by drinking warm water with salt. Contact a doctor immediately. Keep out of reach of children.

This is an asphalt-based varnish. It is primarily used to preserve plates from corrosion, rusting and scratching, as it dries to a hard surface. With today's techniques, asphaltum is frequently used as a ground, a stop out varnish and even as a coating for the backs of plates prior to immersing in an acid bath. The asphaltum used for these etching purposes is the same liquid asphaltum used by lithographers in their work.
User instructions: apply with a brush and let dry. If the liquid is too thin to give an even layer; leave the can open for a while. If the liquid is too thick, dilute with naphtha.
Washable tincture. Senefelder used this liquid as "Washable tincture". It is meant to reinforce the image on the stone. After making the drawing, before rolling in for printing, the stone is rubbed in with a few drops of Senefelder Asphaltum.

Graphic Chemical, rosin dust powder, #11920, 1 lb can

Graphic Chemical
重 量: kg

Dimensions can

diam. 11 cm,
height 12 cm

diameter 4.3"
height 4.7"


600 grams

1.3 lbs

Is being used in intaglio (aquatint) and lithography.
The residue remaining after the distillation of turpentine, from the gum of southern pine trees (especially trees with longer leaves). Also known as colophonium.

Graphic Chemical, Lithotine MS567 , ("safe non-toxic substitute for turpentine") 1 gallon, 3,8 litre

Graphic Chemical
重 量: kg

Dimensions: 11 cm x 17 cm x 27 cm (4.3" x 6.7" x 11")
Weight: 3,5 kg ( 8 lbs)

Lithotine can be used for washing-out ink from the lithographic image and for general cleaning in lithography. Lithotine is a substitute for turpentine.
Lithotine can be used for washing-out ink from the lithographic image and for general cleaning in lithography. Lithotine is a petroleum solvent and it contains a small amount of pine oil. Lithotine is used to remove the image prior to applying asphaltum wit a rag onto the litho plate or stone. The next step is to wipe the asphaltum off of the image with a damp sponge. This is done before rolling with a leather roller and a roll-up ink. When the image is inked up talcum powder ia applied into the image. Finally Gum Arabic is applied onto the litho plate or stone. Lithotine is also used in the second etch process of lithography. Lithotine can penetrate into the gum arabic and slightly etch the image.
Storing and disposing
Lithotine is flammable and should be stored in a flammable storage cabinet. Lithotine is sold per gallon.

This product cannot be sent by air.
Safety sheet