Graining sink for lithographic stones LS-11 (110 x 150 cm, 43" x 59")

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重 量: kg

technical data



Top size (W x L)

110 x 150 cm

43" x 59"

Total height

87 cm



75 kg

165 lbs

Maximum load

400 kg

900 lbs

Volume of reservoir

100 liters

22 gallons

Weight of pallet with standard packing

100 kg

220 lbs

Size of pallet with standard packing

115 x 155 x 102 cm

45" x 61" x 40"

Weight of crate

125 kg

275 lbs

Size of crate

115 x 155 x 102 cm

45" x 61" x 40"

The actual sink and the sludge reservoir are made of stainless steel. The frame to support the sink is made of steel tubing. The bars on top of the sink (to support the stone) are also made of stainless steel. The lithographic stone rests on these bars, while the stone is grained. The graining is done with carborundum powder (#80 - # 200) or sand and another small stone or levigator and water. The sludge (combination of water, carborundum/sand/lime stone) will fall via the sink into the reservoir. The heavier particles will in time sink to the bottom and the excess of water will leave through the horizontal pipe of the reservoir. This horizontal pipe needs to be connected to a sewerage. Depending upon the intensity that this equipment is used, every few months the residu in the reservoir needs to be removed. This residu is not harmful to the environment.