solvents for oil-based inks.
Petroleum based solvents


Huber, Lotus Wash AII , wash and cleaner for litho inks, free of aromatics, 1 Liter bottle

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Huber Lotus Wash AII

Product usage:

Wash for automatic blanket and roller cleaning - also for manual use

Features and Benefits:

  • Good solvency power for a fast cleaning process
  • Corrosion inhibited – gentle to sensitive press parts
  • flash point above 40°C
  • very low rubber swelling effect – gentle to ink rollers and blankets
  • water miscible – removes ink and paper dust
  • free of aromatic solvents - safer working
  • conditions very low odour 

Technical data:

  • Density: 0,785
  • Flash Point: > 40°C
  • Aromatic Content: < 0,1%
  • Color: clear
  • Odour: mild aliphatic
  • Water miscible: yes
  • Evaporation: medium 
Safety Sheet for Huber Lotus Wash

Huber, Gummi Fit, general cleaner for rubber surfaces, solvent based, 1 Liter bottle

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Huber Gummi Fit

Cleaner and regenerator for the printing blanket - conventional and UV, manual cleaning and activation of rubber surfaces, feed rollers, folding machines, etc.

user's instructions:

Put GUMMI FIT on the cloth and wipe over the printing blanket, after a short exposure time (approx. 5 - 10 seconds) wash off the dissolved residues again. Carefully clean rubber surfaces, feed rollers, rollers in folding machines with a cloth soaked in Gummi Fit.


  • High cleaning power
  • Also removes stubborn glazes
  • Contains regeneration additives
  • Gives the blanket a velvety surface
  • Flash point above 25°C
  • For safe handling low odour Low pollution of the room air, thus low user pollution
  • Low swelling effect of the rollers Gentle on rollers and rubber Volatile medium-fast and grease-free - no influence on the production run

. Technical specifications:

  • Flash point: 28°C
  • Colour: transparent
  • Odour: mildly aliphatic
  • Water miscible:
  • partial Evaporation:
  • medium Density: 0.83 g/cm3
Safety sheet for Huber Gummi Fit

Solvent Groen, dried ink cleaner, 1 litre

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Solvent Groen is a powerful cleaner for dried-out inks on rollers, blankets, spatulas, etc.

Solvent Groen, cleaner for dried-out inks, jerry can 5 litres

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Solvent Groen is a powerful cleaner for dried-out inks on rollers, blankets, spatulas, etc.