Hanco Lithographic Inks and Modifiers

Hanco originated from the factory of "Hanschy". Hanschy was reorganized and an employee decided to make an attempt to save the production of inks for graphic artists. That was the birth of Hanco, around 2010.

In the beginning, Hanco made two types of lithographic inks:

  • "Master Palette" lithographic inks that were characterized by more lightfast pigments and therefore a higher price.
  • "Standard Palette" with the more usual pigments and therefore a price that is somewhat lower.

In 2017 Hanco decided to limit the number of colors and deliver everything in one group; that became the "Archival" lithographic inks. These inks have excellent lightfastness.

At Polymetaal therefore the website concerning the Hanco inks had to be adapted and we are still working on that.

We are working to have all "Archival" lithographic inks in stock. In addition, there are Hanco inks at Polymetaal that have been removed from the program by Hanco. We call this the "old" Hanco inks and they are available until end of stock.