Various "photosensible" products


Liquid "photo etch emulsion" UV-sensitive, pot 200 gr.

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Photosensitive emulsion, apply with a brush to the plate. This can be done (short time) under non UV-light. Can be used as alternative for lamination of metal plates with a photopolymer film, such as ImagOn, Z*Acryl film, DK-film, Puretch, etc.
It is not an alternative for UV-sensible plates as "Solar plates" or "Toyobo plates". This emulsion can only be used as a photosensitive etching resist. A photosensitive resist hardens out , under UV light, if there is not an image blocking the light. The resist does not harden out if the UV-light is blocked by an image, and can be washed out. Next the plate is normally etched in ferric chloride. Then the etching ground is removed with "remover" or "soda-water-solution" or "mystrol". Then the plate is ready to be printed.
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Photo emulsion reducer, photo etch emulsion, 250 ml

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Photo Emulsion Reducer.

This allows the "photo-etch emulsion" to be diluted. This may be useful to reduce the layer thickness of the photopolymer. The thinner the photopolymer layer, the finer details can be reproduced.

Stouffer 21 Step transmission guide T2115 0.5"x5"

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Is used to determine the correct exposure time