Burnishers and scrapers


Scraper Dick #533, with handle, hollow triangular scraper

Friedrich Dick
Stock, a few days delivery time
重 量: kg

Point detail

Total length 14 cm, (5.5")

Scraper length; 8 cm (3.1"), can be completely inserted into the holder. The triangular hardened scraper has a tapered point at both ends.
By turning the vise the scraper is clamped into the hollow shaft

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Combination dry point + burnisher Dick #653

Friedrich Dick
Stock, delivery a few days
重 量: kg

burnisher end, length 5 cm (2")

tapered point, over 6 cm (2.4")

Total length 18 cm (7.1") diameter steel 0,5 cm (0.2")
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Double edged burnisher Dick #660

Friedrich Dick
in stock, delivery a few days
重 量: kg

Length 190 mm (7.5") , weight 28 gram
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Side with curved burnisher

Side with straight burnisher

Combination scraper-burnisher Dick #657

Friedrich Dick
in stock, delivery time a few days
重 量: kg

Dick scraper-burnisher #657. Total length 190 mm. (7.5") Weight 22 gr.
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Burnisher side

Scraper side (triangular hollow scraper)