Depending on the type of groove one wants in the plate, there are burines with square, diamond-shaped, round and oval points. In addition, there are "multi-liners", pointed engraving tools and the like. The shape of the point translates into the line that is printed. The boundary of the line will be sharper the less the point is rounded. Multiliners are used to engrave several lines parallel to each other. Multiliners are used to cut parallel lines in a metal plate. This can be part of an image, or it can be to create a gray value (tonal value). It is possible to use these tools for drawing parallel lines in etching ground, but Lyons has special tools such as "scratch board tools" and "half-tone rakes" that are better suited for this.


Artools, multiliner tool #80/33, width 4 mm, 13 lines (33 lines/cm) with wooden handle

重 量: kg

Totale lengte 145 mm
Lengte gereedschap 55 mm
Breedte 4mm
Hoogte 6mm
Gewicht 70 gr.
33 lijnen per cm
85 lijnen per duim

Artools, multiliner tool #87, width 4 mm, 2 lines, with wooden handle, till end of stock

重 量: kg

Totale lengte 150 mm
Lengte gereedschap 65 mm
Breedte 4 mm
Hoogte 6 mm
Gewicht 65 gr.