Welcome on the Polymetaal site
27nd October 2019

This is the new Polymetaal website.

Link to the "old" site:


Important to read !!!

-You do NOT pay us during the ordering process.

-We check your oder, make a quote and send you a payment request. If you accept the offer you should pay now.

-No problem if you make mistakes in your order. We can correct that easily afterwards.

Some features of the new Polymetaal site

  • The most important feature however is the possibilty to calculate on line an estimation of the costs. This makes it possible for everybody to see an indication of the costs. The system allows the customes to choose the best/cheapest carrier. This can also be done for pallets (road freight Europe) and crates (sea freight, world wide)
  • We will treat your "order"  as a request for a quote. Of course we will check all orders before we approve the order. After that we will send you a quote.
  • If you have sent an order/request for a quote, you can log in via a link, to see what the status of your order is. For example status "wait for payment", "will be sent" or "has been sent out today". You don't need to check the status of your order anymore by phone or e-mail. (under development)
  • Some customers can buy at reduced prices. By logging in, those customers can see both regular price and their price. 
  • The new site shows "real time stock". This way a customer knows what is in stock and what may take longer to deliver. 
  • You do not pay at check-out, but only when you have received our payment request. We want to be able to check and approve an order first. After approval the client will receive an invitation to pay. Some clients are allowed to pay after delivery.
  • All prices exclude 21% VAT. VAT only applies within the European Union.